Top 13 Most Haunted Places In India You Never Want Visit

Haunted Places In India

[5] Bengal Swamps

Bengal Swamps Haunted

Aleya lights likewise known as marsh apparition lights are the unexplainable phantom lights announced in the swamps for the most part by the nearby anglers.

These lights are said to confuse anglers making them lose their bearing. It might prompt suffocating in the event that one begins following these lights moving over the bogs. Numerous bodies have washed aground on these marshes that local people credit to Aleya lights.

Inhabitants trust that these interesting floating bog lights are in certainty phantom lights speaking to the ghosts of the fisherman who passed on angling. Here and there they confuse the anglers while now and then they enable them to keep away from future threats

[4] Delhi Cantonment Area

Delhi Cantonment Area Haunted

Usually considered as a beautifully clean and green space, Delhi cantonment area is also known as haunted place its spookiness after midnight. People talk about a woman in white saree, often asking for a lift, sometimes even chasing the vehicle and catching up its speed.

[3] Three Kings Church, Goa

Three Kings Church Haunted

It is well known for its paranormal exercises understanding by numerous local people and furthermore by the GRIP group of Indian Paranormal Society.

It is trusted that the spirits of three lords (who battled the property of this assembly and in the long run murdered each other) loop around on the premises.

[2] The Mansion, Residency Road, Pune

The Manson Haunted

This old and messy demolish look of a house is sufficiently terrifying to look at, take off alone wandering over distance. As per the nearby stories, this place is spooky by an insidious old lady.

Eerie sounds, hyper chuckling, and blood-souring screams are frequently heard late during the evening and effectively makes it one of the most frequented puts in India.

The locals fear the place and exhortation against going there. Some may very well acknowledge that as a test.

[1] Vas Villa- St. Marks Road, Bangalore

Vas Villa Haunted

This place has a tragic and vicious past. The place had a place with the Vas family and was possessed by Doice Vas and Vera Vas, the two little girls of the famous attorney, Mr. Vas. On the day in 2001, Doice was stabbed to death in her own particular home by an obscure aggressor.

She was later covered there too and Vera moved out after some time. The place is in ruins and has been spooky as far back as and the soul of Doice is expected to in any case wait in the lobbies.

Different groups exploring for paranormal exercises have confirmed the nearness of negative vitality and unsettling influences.

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