13 Real Ghost Games That Will Give You Chills AT Night

13 Real Ghost Games

[4] The Elevator Game

The Elevator Game

It is a game where you will need an elevator to enter another dimension.

1> In order to play the game you need to find a public building at least 10 floors tall with an elevator.

2> You can play alone but its recommended 2 players at least.

3> Enter the elevator at 1st floor with your group.

4> Do not play this game if another person enters outside your group.

5> After entering from 1st floor push the button for the 4th floor, after that press 2, after that press 6, after that press 2 again, after that press 10, then press 5.

6> On reaching the 5th floor a woman might enter. Do Not Look At Her! Press 1, either lift will go to the 1st floor or 10th floor.

7> If elevator returned to the 1st floor, leave and do not look back. it goes to the 10th floor, do not look or respond to women if she asks where you are going.

8> If you are alone, you are in the other world.

9> To return to your world enter the elevator and repeat the same sequence of the floor. “1-4-2-6-2-10-5-1

10> Note: Do not leave elevator until you are certain you are home or else…


[3] Midnight Game

Midnight Game

This is a game played at midnight yet a scary one.

1> In order to play the game you need a paper, a needle and a house.

2> Gather all players before midnight. Each player shall write their full name on slips of paper.

3> With the help of a needle cut your finger to drop down a drop of blood on the paper.

4> Turn off the lights of the house and place the slips in front of a wooden door.

5> Light a candle and place it on the paper carefully that it won’t fall.

6> Knock on the door 22 times making sure that the 22nd knock falls on exact 12 am.

7> Open the door, blow out the candle and close the door. Lit the candle again. The player should move around the room holding their own candle.

8> If a player’s candle goes out they must relight it in 10 seconds or surround themselves with a circle of salt.

9> Game proceeds this way till 3:33 am.

10> Note: Not following this specific rules may lead to a spirit haunting the location and any player with unlit candles.


[2] Devil In The Mirror

Devil In The Mirror

This horror game will leave you speechless if followed right. You can only play this game on 25th December (when we celebrate Christmas)  or on Holy Friday (when Christ died)

1> In order to play this game you need to have a mirror, a candle, and a room.

2> Lit the candle and turn the lights off.

3> Look in the mirror and say ‘DEVIL‘ 12 times without blinking.

4> If followed right than you will be able to devil’s face in next 2 seconds.

5> Perfect time to perform this ritual is 3 am when dark power is strongest.


[1] Daruma-San

Daruma San Game

Daruma San is actually the name of a real Japanese girl who slipped in the bathroom, hit the floor with head and died.

1> In order to play the game you have to wait until midnight comes.

2> Fill the bathtub with cold water and sink into it. Turn the light off.

3> Then say ‘DARUMA COME’ 3 times. You will feel someone’s cold hands leaning on your shoulder or simply it’s presence right behind you.

4> At this point you should get up very carefully. If you don’t then …




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