13 Real Ghost Games That Will Give You Chills AT Night

13 Real Ghost Games

[9] Charlie Charlie

Charlie Charlie Game

Charlie Charlie is also a Fortune Telling game.

1> In order to play the game you need 2 pencils and a paper.

2> Draw cross on the paper and write ‘YES’ at the top left and bottom right corner of the cross. Also, write ‘NO’ at the top right and bottom left corner of the cross.

3> Place the pencils with the left to right pencil at the bottom and up to down pencil on top.

4> Chant “Charlie Charlie“, can chant twice out loud. The pencil will move either ‘YES’ or ‘NO’.

5> Note: If the answer is ‘NO’, stop playing the game immediately. If the answer is ‘YES’, then you may proceed charlie asking next question.


[8] Ouija Board

Ouija Board Game

It is a board game which is also available in stores. It is believed the board helps to communicate to spirits.

1> In order to play the game, you need to have an Ouija Board and at least 2 people using it.

2> Each player should have both or one hand on playing sheet.

3> Each player asks ouija board a question and the playing sheet will move to spell out the answer.

4> In this the person may need to write down what ouija board is spelling in case of a long answer.

5> Note: Do not ask the board for the name of the entity you are speaking with or how you will die. Answers to these question may cause a decrease in quality of life or worse.


[7] Hide and Seek in the Dark

Hide And seek In The Dark game

Well, this is not one of the games where you are most likely to see something paranormal but it does give some scary experience.

In order to play this game, you can choose a location which is likely to be empty and scary like the woods, large clean buildings etc.

No paranormal ritual is followed here.


[6] The Corner Game

The Corner Game

1> In order to play the game there must be 4 players.

2> You need an empty building with no lights, pets or people besides the player.

3> 4 Players enter the room each speaking their own name aloud 3 times.

4> Then one of the players is designated the speaker and they are the only one allowed to speak.

5> Each of the player picks one of the corners of the room staring at the wall with their backs to the center of the room.

6> The speaker will count to 3 and with each count, the player must move clockwise to the next corner of the room keeping back to the center of the room while facing the wall.

7> If one of the players disappear the speaker will tell other players to enact the emergency procedure. Each player must speak their name backward 3 times and the player closest to the light switch turns on the light of the room.

8> The disappear player must return and beware of spirits returning as well.


[5] The Closet Game

The Closet Game

This game can also be played alone.

1> In order to play the game all you need is a small dark room and a matchbox.

2> If 2 or more than 2 people are playing then they can take turns entering the closet.

3> Player inside holds an unlit match and says “SHOW ME THE LIGHT OR LEAVE ME IN DARKNESS“.

4> The player must then immediately light the candle.

5> If they are unable to light the candle, their friends could open the closet door with the light on to save them, or they may be dragged to hell.

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